eMill SMS

SMS is becoming a key channel for building efficient marketing or communication strategies. eMill provides you with the power of an experienced and professionnal emailing platform to create, implement and maintain SMS campaigns. Moreover, it lets you combine email, fax and SMS according to the data available, the target audience or your needs.

With eMill, you create easily highly-personalized SMS messages direct from your computer and send it using "email to SMS" gateways or SMPP servers.

Key features
  • Take advantage of all eMill features to build targeted contact list and attractive contents.
  • Send SMS messages as easy as e-mails.
  • Personalize SMS using the eMill technologies: merge fields, conditional contents or scripting.
  • Transform automatically the dialing when mobile phone numbers are in a format that cannot be exploited.
  • Combine and set priority between email, fax and SMS channels.
  • Receive SMS messages as an email directly within eMill.
  • Set message rules to automate incoming SMS processing.
  • Control feedbacks after a campaign (subscription, promotional offers,...).
  • Receive notifications in case of success or failure of sendings.
  • Update your data sources in case of wrong mobile phone numbers or unsubscriptions.