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The witness

Sylvain Den - CRM Manager

Goals and challenges

As a CRM Manager, the main objective of Sylvain Den is to manage and optimize the relationship between Tech Data and its customers.

"The most reliable information we have about our customers is their email address. In order to be constantly in contact with them, I had to find the emailing software which allows me to be autonomous, reactive and to send highly customized emails."

"In short, a tool which associates a high technical level and ease of use."

"Why did I choose eMill?"
  • The eMill HTML editor is very intuitive. "eMill is a real office tool which allows anybody to create dynamic and attractive contents."
  • Projects are dynamically managed. "eMill can be connected to any databases; therefore, I always work on the latest data."
  • "eMill gives me the opportunity to send highly customized emails by using the database and VBScript."
  • "Customer relationship: I need only 6 minutes per week to communicate the accounts to our customers, the accountants and sales people.
  • Internal communication: Why should I customize my message only to customers and not to employees? By using eMill, sales people receive the information they need: sales amount, objectives, results...
  • Other communication activities: Many tasks are made easier by choosing eMill. I use it for new activities everyday (announcements for special events, satisfaction survey...)."

According to Sylvain Den, the impact of eMill is really important on his everyday work. Indeed, eMill allows him:

  • To react faster: "During last year’s flood, deliveries were stopped in numerous cities. Thanks to eMill, I prepared my emailing in 30 minutes and all my customers were warned as quickly as possible."
  • To gain in quality and efficiency: "Now that I can create dynamic and attractive contents, I use email for new activities and we obtain a response rate of over 35%."

"All these benefits make us think that eMill is profitable as soon as a company sends emails to more than 15 people..."

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