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Key Steps for creating an emailing campaign

Discover how eMill will allow you to create in few minutes an emailing project using your preferred tools to edit the message content and manage the receivers list.

  • Contents: A HTML content and an alternate text
  • Personalization tools: Inserting data source fields
  • Data source: Excel file
  • Publishing and sending of the campaign
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The eMill Message Tracking Module

The message tracking is an essential tool for building efficient emailing campaigns. Thanks to the reports, graphs and charts provided by this module, you will be able to adapt your upcoming projects, to offer targeted services to your contacts, to define your return on investment, etc.

This video will allow you to discover in few minutes what kind of information the message tracking can collect and how you can use these data.

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Creating an emailing project with conditional contents

eMill is the only solution which allows an unlimited personalization of your messages. Indeed, eMill offers the possibility to insert data source fields, to create conditional contents and to insert scripts.

In this video, the mailing list includes people who subscribed to a newsletter precising if they were more interested in books or in CDs. We are going to use this information to send a newsletter on books or a newsletter on CDs according to the contact's interest.

  • Contents: 2 HTML contents
  • Personalization tools:
    • Insertion of data source fields
    • Creation of conditional contents
  • Data Source: Access database
  • Publishing and sending of the campaign
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