Automate and customize your emailing


In today's market, email is a key tool for establishing a successful one-to-one relationship with your customers, your suppliers, your employees or your shareholders. Therefore, your organization needs a simple and efficient software that helps you implement and manage highly-focused emailing campaigns. These should meet the specific needs and characteristics of your leads, customers or members. But they should also allow you to stand out your message among your competitors and the growing number of unsollicited emails (spam).

From your PC or any web browser, eMill lets you handle all your communication by e-mail, from the creation of contents and lists to the sending and tracking of messages. Choose eMill and increase the profitability of your projects as well as your return on investment.

With eMill
  1. Always use highly-focused and updated receivers list
    • eMill connects to any database on the network: Excel, Word, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, XML, etc.
    • Avoid unnecessary duplication by connecting directly to the database related to the project. You save time and you work directly on the most accurate and up to date data.
    • Use Outlook or the Windows Address Book as a data source.
    • Automate your mailing lists subscription management with the Opt-In Management module: generation of a subscription form, update of your mailing list with subscriptions / unsubscriptions and personalization of the confirmation message.
    • eMill lets you alternatively create a project-specific database with your preferred application.
    • You have the possibility to connect to several lists for the same project. Then, you enable or disable them in one click!
    • eMill makes the elaboration of receivers list easy thanks to a full set of tools: removing of duplicates, management of fields containing several email addresses, sending of test message and checking of address validity.
    • All these features are also available for the creation and the management of black lists. It allows you to exclude receivers without modifying the data source.
  2. eMill easily enables the creation of appealing layouts for your content files
    • Includes a professional HTML editor similar to popular web editors, with WYSIWYG, source and preview modes. If you would rather use your preferred application, eMill is fully compatible with all content creation applications such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc.
    • When tight deadlines dictate your success and the need for immediate content arises, eMill utilizes your pre-existing templates such as newsletters, email ads, stock quotes, push-email, etc.
    • eMill makes the creation of contents easy and efficient by offering you the possibility to create an alternate text, to import web pages, to send personalized attachments to each receiver, to convert dynamically contents into PDF or to embed external images in the message body.
  3. Unlimited personalization of your messages
    • Insert database fields in the message body or in the headers. You can customize your contents by using an unlimited number of data source fields.
    • Enable contents according to your conditions: eMill alllows you to create several contents for one project. For each of them, you can easily decide who will receive which contents (according to receiver's country, preferred products, purchasing date, etc.).
    • By using the script interface, eMill allows the generation of emails with a much higher level of customization than only database field merging: management of sendings according to time zones, personalization of attachments for each receiver, etc. The only limit of personalization is your data source precision.
  4. Control delivery, measure efficiency and manage incoming messages
    • Thanks to the S/MIME protocol, eMill gives you the opportunity to send secured messages. Emails are digitally signed and their contents encrypted. It guarantees your messages origin, integrity and confidentiality. This tool will open new doors for email use (commercial data, billing, banking information, intern or extern communication of confidential data, etc.).
    • Heuristic analysis tool powered by SpamAssassin to evaluate the risk of your email being flagged as a Spam.
    • Schedule your mailings.
    • Control delivery in real time.
    • Manage efficiently incoming messages: add new data or update your database, automate the sending of new emails, manage easily the opt-in and opt-out processes or route emails automatically when receiving webforms.
    • Message tracking module: Thanks to the reports, graphs and charts provided by this component (opening rate, click rate, statistics per receiver, etc.), your organization is able to analyse your receivers’ behaviour, to measure the campaign efficiency, to evaluate its impact on sales, etc. All these data are exportable in order to share and reuse them.
  5. eMill adapts to your organization, not the other way around
    • Provides a clear step by step approach to your projects by using distinct stages: Design, Publish, Render, Deliver.
    • All project files reside inside a project tree on the network and are saved in standard formats.
    • eMill is the only solution that lets you choose the interface that best fits your needs. Indeed you can either use the web or the Windows interface according to the circumstances.
  6. eMill Fax & eMill SMS Add-Ons - The key to a multi-channel communication
  • eMill enables your organization to efficiently produce and deliver:
    • Newsletters
    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Membership follow-up
  • eMill also offers a much wider scope of applications:
    • Automated and personalized messages including account statements, billings with credit history and memberships
    • Stock quotes and reports

The customization of your communication depends on your available resources.

To view an eMill case study click here.

  • Windows NT 4 (at least SP6), 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7, 2012, 8, 10, 2016, 2019 (32-Bit & 64-Bit).
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
  • 30 MB of hard disk space.
  • Microsoft Windows Installer v2.0 (Automatically downloaded if it's not already installed).
  • Installation of Message Tracking: IIS (IIS is not available on Windows Home editions) and a permanent Internet connection.
  • Installation of eMill Web Client: Windows 2003 Web Edition or better, IIS (IIS is not available on Windows Home editions).

eMill is available in English, French and German and is compatible with any complex languages (Arabic, Japanese, Korean, etc.).

Anti-spam policy

eMill does not implement techniques to hide the originator address or server information. All emails sent by this product are traceable. eMill provides users with the appropriate tools to handle automatically subscription and unsubscription allowing them to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. Active+ Software recommends eMill users to respect legal and moral requirements of concerned authorities (personal data confidentiality, use of tracking tool, etc.).