Commercial (trial versions)

Ethernet POS

v1.1.2 Convert serial, parallel and USB POS printers to ethernet and cloud connected printers.


v4.1.76 Turn any application into a Windows service (Service+ is included with ServiceMill).


v4.15.57 Monitoring of networked resources, recovery of critical applications, events notification (email, SMS, pager, phone call,...) and Windows services scheduling.


v4.10.73 Advanced Windows services administration.


v5.25.73 A workshop to create your customized email projects as quickly and effectively as your dynamic web projects.

Service+ CL

v1.4.9 A Command Line version of Service+.

ServiceMill Exe Builder

v1.1.4 Convert any application to a native Service .exe file.



v1.0.1 HttpCopy is a command line utility to copy a web file or web page to a local file.


v1.1.2 RunFirst is a command line utility that lets you start an application on the first processor of a multi-processor system or on an hyper-threaded single processor system.