Convert your serial or USB POS Printer to an Ethernet or Cloud connected printer

Ethernet POS is a software that can convert serial, parallel and USB POS printers to ethernet printers. Ethernet POS can also connect your printers to cloud based application.
The software is compatible with popular POS printer brands such as Epson®, Star Micronics®, Citizen® Zebra®, CognitiveTPG® and similar.
In addition, Ethernet POS can add to ESC/POS compatible printers support for newer barcode types such as QR-Code, PDF417, Aztec, DataMatrix and more.

  • Expose non-ethernet printers as Ethernet printers (TCP/IP port 9100).
  • Connect POS printer to your Cloud based application over http or https (PHP source code sample provided).
  • Add QR-Code, Mini QR-Code, PDF417, Aztec, DataMatrix, MaxiCode and GS1 support to old printers that do not support them (Requires an ESC/POS compatible printer).
  • Allows printing from multiple sources at the same time, print jobs are prioritized.
  • Allows print job backups (printed tickets are saved to a folder).
  • Supports bidirectional communication through Serial (RS232), USB and Parallel ports, can also print through any Windows Printer Driver in RAW mode.
  • Allows printing using a Windows named pipe, very easy to use from any programming or scripting language such as VBScript, C#, ASPX, Delphi, etc., source code samples are provided.
  • Runs securely as a Windows Service, no need to keep an openned user session to run the software.
  • Includes a RAW print driver installation wizard to ease printer setup, just one click and you are done.
  • Includes Esc2Bin command line tool. Esc2Bin can convert human readable ESC/POS source code to printer native binary format.
  • Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7, 2012, 8, 10, 2016.
  • Support both x86 and x64 platforms.
  • 5 MB of hard disk space.
  • Any printer that has a serial, parallel or USB interface.
  • The barcode emulation feature requires an ESC/POS compatible printer. For IBM®/Toshiba® SureMark 4610 printer support, please contact us.