What's New

eMill v5.17.64

  • New: Scripting: Added a Mail.ReplyTos collection to handle the Reply-To header field.

ServiceKeeper v4.15.56

  • Fixed: Monitored resource cloning was failing with 'Unspecified Error' message.

LC+ v4.6.0

  • New: MAC address Whitelist support.

ServiceMill v4.1.75

  • Fixed: The Windows Explorer extension 'Install as a ServiceMill service' was not working if the UAC was enabled.

Service+ v4.10.73

  • Fixed: ServiceMill service started remotely in an interactive session could end up in another session.

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Create Windows Services from any application, script or batch file.


An MMC console to fully administer your Windows services across your servers.


Monitor and automatically recover your failing services avoiding server reboots.

ServiceMill Exe Builder

Convert standard executable to native Windows Services executable.


An emailing studio that includes all the tools that your organization needs to effectively produce, deliver and automate highly customized email communication.


A Public Wireless HotSpot Solution for hospitality and service providers providing controlled internet access.