What's New?

ServiceKeeper v4.15.57

  • Fixed: The HTTP detection provider could sometime fail to detect a failure.

eMill v5.23.71

  • New: Emails opened from the queues are now displayed by default in the eMill internal email viewer instead of the default mail client application.

LC+ v5.10.1

  • New: Ticket importation module.

Ethernet POS v1.1.2

  • New: Support utf-8 to Epson charset conversion in esc2bin tool.

ServiceMill v4.1.76

  • Fixed: In some rare case when running Java apps, some orphan process could remain loaded after stopping the service.

Service+ v4.10.73

  • Fixed: ServiceMill service started remotely in an interactive session could end up in another session.

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Ethernet POS

Convert serial, parallel and USB POS printers to ethernet and cloud connected printers.


Create Windows Services from any application, script or batch file.


An MMC console to fully administer your Windows services across your servers.


Monitor and automatically recover your failing services avoiding server reboots.

ServiceMill Exe Builder

Convert standard executable to native Windows Services executable.


An emailing studio that includes all the tools that your organization needs to effectively produce, deliver and automate highly customized email communication.


A Public Wireless HotSpot Solution for hospitality and service providers providing controlled internet access.