Take advantage of a complete solution, to offert
a reliable and secure Hotspot to your customers.

What is a Hotspot solution?

A hostpot solution allows you to share your Internet connection with your customers and visitors, and manage its access from private or public networks.

Make your installation compliant:

LC+ provides recording and tracing of connections for each user over a period of one year, thus meeting the requirements of European and/or local regulations on the retention of data in electronic communications.

  • Hotspot solution entirely customizable that fits your needs and adapts to your company graphical chart.

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Data volume
Captive portal connections
Created tickets
  • Thanks to a simple and complete statistics interface, you can quickly know how your network is used by your customers.

Active user Devices Languages Data volume Captive portal connections Created tickets

  • We offer several types of portal authentication, using either the most famous social networks, SMS, credit card, or printed tickets.

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Captive portal message
  • Communicate with your customers thanks to the captive portal message feature.

Captive portal message

  • Multi-langual hotspot interface.


  • Network capacity flexibility thanks to the large range of MikroTik routers (up to 10 GBps of throughput).
HotSpot features
  • No adverts, no subscription*. The system is fully autonomous.
  • Integrated captive portal with simple or full customization options.
  • Tickets can be printed on any standard printers or on a Epson TM-T20 /(or compatible) ticket printer.
  • Customization of printed tickets.
  • Customization of ticket fields (name, room #, passport # etc.).
  • QR code authentication: the user can login by simply scanning a QR code printed on the ticket.
  • Works with a built-in RADIUS server.
  • Users can be blacklisted, a personalized message is optionally displayed.
  • Ability for a user to self register.
  • API for third party software integration (PMS software and more).
  • Optional multi-portal feature: allows different kind of captive portals based on the traffic source.
  • Limits for volume, time and bandwidth per ticket type.
  • LC + offers an authentication service with most common social networks.
  • Connection with Active Directory.

* An annual update is necessary to renew the https certificate (price depends on the LC+ solution, please contact your reseller for more information).

Traffic recorder features
  • Due to the high performance data logger, a minimalist server is required.
  • Web administration through a secure web connection.
  • Rights management (admin, ticket creation, reporting, etc.).
  • Traces of traffic are saved for any kind of data that goes through the router TCP/IP, VPN IPSec, PPTP, PPPoE and hotspot authenticated users.
  • Export of traffic traces in an easy to manipulate format.
  • Storage up to a 100 times smaller due to a highly effective vector storing format.
  • External backup with FTP or SFTP, encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.
  • Linux (Debian 64 bits, Ubuntu Server 64 bits).
  • The software can also be delivered pre-installed on a VMWare virtual machine.
  • Mikrotik hardware.