A configuration for each situation

Lightweight solutions
LC+ comes with different packs, recommended for moderate to normal connection use.
This high quality equipment is simple, robust, easy to implement and very cheap.

Solutions légères
  • Small hotels, lodges, rural guesthouses and B&B's
  • Medical practices and surgeries
  • Small industrial units
  • Offices

High Performance
LC+ comes with various packs, particularly recommended in a high density connection environment with a strong flow demand.

Collectivités territoriales Public infrastructures and facilities :
  • Ports, railway stations and airports
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Concert halls
  • Sports facilities, swimming pools
  • Fairs and exhibition halls

Enseignement Education :
  • Campuses, auditoriums
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Art exhibitions

Plein air Outdoor :
  • Campsites, open air accommodation
    (LC+ can be integrated into most booking and reservation softwares).
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Public parks
  • Sporting and racing events
  • Marinas
Secteur industriel Industry :
  • Factories, production units
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial harbors
  • Cruise ships
  • Large hotel industry

Supersize accounts
Based on project study, LC+ can implement solutions for multi-site captive portals allowing tens of thousands simultaneous users.

Grands comptes
  • Key account corporate companies
  • Telecom network operators
  • Hotspot managers
  • Urban wireless networks
  • Sky resort
  • Very large festivals and events