eMill Fax

You know that fax is an important part of your communications strategy, and that the old ways of standing in line at the fax machine are inefficient and costly. By using eMill Fax, you integrate your fax operations with the rest of your business and combine efficiently fax mailing and emailing. As Fax offers many advantages that complement emailing, we offer you the possibility to choose the appropriate communication channel according to your needs, your target or your data.

Fax is a universal electronic B to B communication channel used by more than 90% of the companies. Moreover, it offers many important advantages:

  • Reduction of the time between the moment the message is sent and the moment the message is read by your receiver.
  • Sending of your message on a "physical" communication medium.
  • A very cost-effective way of getting information in front of decision-makers. Indeed, a lot of B to B databases exist and they include reliable data.
  • A fax has a more "official" aspect than other channel like email.
  • Fax is less expensive than postal mailing.
Sending faxes

You take advantage of all the features that have led eMill to be a reference in terms of lists management, contents creation, personalization and sending.

  • Creation of attractive contents: You have the possibility to send faxes in the following format: PDF (Acrobat), TIFF (image file), HTML and Text.
  • Connection to all databases: eMill is fully compatible with all databases and makes the elaboration of receivers list easy thanks to a full set of tools: delete duplicates, automatic transformation of fax number into an appropriate format, checking of fax number validity, etc.
  • Unlimited personalization of messages: Insert database fields, activate contents according to your conditions or use the script interface.
  • Scheduling and automation of sendings.
Receiving faxes

Thanks to eMill Fax, you receive your faxes as an email including a thumbnails of the first pages and an attachment with the full fax in PDF or TIFF. Then, the management of all your incoming faxes is easy and very flexible. For instance, you can:

  • Route faxes towards the appropriate department or the right person.
  • Control feedbacks after a campaign (subscription, promotional offers,...).
  • Manage your sensitive faxes: orders, after-sale service or quotes.
  • Automate the sending of new faxes if your receiver ask for more information or if the sendings failed.
  • Update your data sources in case of wrong fax numbers or unsubscriptions.

Thanks to eMill Fax, you have the ability to direct the faxes where you want them to go. This reduces your costs on paper, fax machine use, and employee time managing fax activity which saves you money.

  • Automation of sales informations sendings: account statements, dispatch of price lists, confirmation of transactions / orders / bookings.
  • Distribution of newsletters.
  • Warnings and event notification: clearance sale, special offers, press releases, product launch, website promotion.
  • Management of events: trade show or seminar.
  • Supplier and customer relationship management: sending out invoices, quotes, financial market orders or requests for information.
  • Generate contacts: direct marketing campaign feedback (reply coupons), trade show advance bookings or advertising campaigns.
  • Sending out questionnaires: satisfaction survey or customer surveys.
  • Animation of sales network.
  • Send sensitive informations: fax is a reliable communication channel that law offices use to send legal briefs or medical labs use to send test results.
  • Microsoft Fax Service which is included in Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Professional.
  • Adobe Reader 6.0 or later
  • Hardware: Any fax modem hardware supported by Microsoft Fax Services as DivaServer, Dialogic® Brooktrout® FoIP or AccelePort RAS®