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The witness

Olivier Merz - International Business Technology Director

Goals and challenges

Email is a key success factor in customer relationship management, it allows us to build a one to one relationship with our customers and to be closer to their expectations. In order to meet these objectives, e-mails have to be highly personalized and regularly sent. That is the reason why we decided to move from an hosted solution to an in-house software. Indeed, emailing campaigns delivered by our ASP were not customized enough and sending e-mails weekly was not cost efficient.

Why did I choose eMill?
  • The eMill HTML editor is very easy to use and includes a source and a preview mode. It allows me to write the HTML code using my preferred code editor and import it within eMill.
  • eMill delivers a large range of content customization features: VB scripting, database fields merging, setting of conditions to choose which contents have to be activated.
  • eMill is very flexible as it is compatible with all databases. Indeed, I can use data from SQL, Excel sheets or Microsoft Access without any limitations.

eMill is plenty of complementary features which make emailing projects easy to control and manage:

  • Mailing lists management: As eMill gives me the possibility to enable and disable mailing lists in one click, I can manage easily my lists according to the project.
  • Delivery Control: eliminate duplicates and invalid address, send test messages...
  • eMail tracking: graphs, reports and tables on openings and clicks are displayed for each project
  • Incoming messages management: I have set conditions in the incoming queues so that unsubscribers are included in black lists and a new e-mail is sent when we receive automated responses.

I have been using eMill for three months now and I have already launched 15 emailing campaigns which represent more than 100,000 messages. eMill allows us:

  • To improve our understanding of customers' needs : Now, I have a tool to be constantly in touch with them, which is the best way to adjust our communication and our offers.
  • To build a one to one relationship: By sending customized emails regularly, we add to our image of excellence a new dimension: proximity.
  • To increase the impact of emailings: We have increased the email volume for each campaign and the response rate has been multiplied by 15.
  • To maximize campaigns' efficiency: Thanks to the eMill tracking tool, we analyse our customer behavior and, thus, we improve our campaign efficiency project after project.

Today, we are using eMill for commercial correspondence and it’s already a success. Therefore, we are planning to manage all customer service with eMill and, finally, to use it for sending our 12 publications to thousands of international subscribers.

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