ServiceKeeper video demos

You will find below a list of the different videos available online. For each of them, a short description allows you to play the video that best fits your needs.

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Monitoring Hard Disk Free Space

Purpose: My hard disk space is often running low because of huge files created by my CRM application. Therefore, when my main hard disk free space is lesser than 15 MB, I want ServiceKeeper to move the .project files, that have not been modified since one week, to my backup disk. Moreover, I want to be warned of each failure by a Windows Administrative Alert.

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Schedule Windows Services Execution

Purpose: Security is a critical issue in my company. Therefore, I don't want the company server file system to be accessible from 7pm to 7am during business days and during the whole week-ends. In order to achieve this objective, I will use ServiceKeeper to schedule the execution state of the Server service.

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Monitoring Web Sites

Purpose: In order to maximize my web site availability, I want ServiceKeeper to regularly open it. If it is down, ServiceKeeper will execute the following recovery action. From the first detected downtime to the fourth one, the World Wide Web Publishing Service will be restarted. Then, if a failure is still detected, the computer will be shut down and restarted. Finally, I want ServiceKeeper to launch a custom notification program when my website is down.

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Controlling Network Devices

Purpose: In order to be warned quickly if my firewall is down, I want ServiceKeeper to ping it regularly and send me an email if it is down.

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