M6.Net, one of our world’s great companies, evolves internet technology, empowering humanity to evolve as people with a greater realization of each other.

A pioneer in the web hosting industry

One of the worldwide leaders in web hosting, M6.Net is a strong company that has helped to pioneer the web hosting industry since 1997. Encompassing all aspects of hosting demands, M6.Net supports and helps customers ranging from individuals’ websites to small businesses and large enterprises. The Australian company currently employs 15 staff and has around 5000 active clients with almost 10,000 domains across more than one hundred countries around the world.

Focus on flexibility and reliability

M6 is primarily striving to provide its clients with flexibility and reliability. In order to meet these objectives, they have settled a ‘Data and network Centre’ which allows them to offer a great list of features and services, such as multi-tiering connectivity, an independent back-up power system, air conditioning and fire suppression systems. This infrastructure is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

A network monitoring tool is a strategic choice

This focus on reliability means that choosing a network monitoring tool was strategic for M6.Net. "We needed a utility to monitor and restart services without delay, providing a reliable fallback in case of failure, said M6.Net network administrator, Gavan O’Connor-Risch. ServiceKeeper flexibility and reliability made the choice an easy one. Indeed, it lets us specify monitoring and recovery settings and, it is the only tool I know that offers multiple recovery actions including options if the first recovery attempt fails."

ServiceKeeper monitors core company functions

M6.Net operates more than 40 servers spread over 4 networks and an office network with more than 20 workstations. Web, Mail, Backup and Database servers are the core company functions and the focus of the monitoring. ServiceKeeper is installed on all servers and monitors Web Publishing and SQL Services as well as other primary Windows services."We have already experienced situations when ServiceKeeper has detected that Web or SQL Service has not being started", added Gavan. "In these cases, monitoring and recovery settings have always provided an effective mean to launch suitable actions. In order to be notified of failures, we have chosen SMTP notifications among all the available methods. It allows us to check the server to make sure that all is working properly."

A key element of M6.Net IT infrastructure

M6.net is a ServiceKeeper user since 1999. They have reduced the time spent on failures, which means more time for employees to deal with other issues. Thus, ServiceKeeper plays an integral part in the quality and the efficiency of M6.Net support system. "ServiceKeeper will often report and act on failures before our global monitoring will detect anything", concluded Gavan. "Therefore, critical application uptime has been substantially increased mainly thanks to ServiceKeeper efficient recovery methods. After 5 years, ServiceKeeper has become a key element of our IT infrastructure."

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