License Number of monitored servers/VMs Part # Price (USD) 1 year support and upgrades (USD)
ServiceKeeper (Up to 2 monitored servers) 2 SK-002 199.00 49.75
ServiceKeeper (Up to 5 monitored servers) 5 SK-005 449.00 112.25
ServiceKeeper (Up to 10 monitored servers) 10 SK-010 799.00 212.25
ServiceKeeper (Up to 25 monitored servers) 25 SK-025 1,499.00 449.75
ServiceKeeper (Site, Unlimited) Unlimited* SK-SITE 3,499.00 874.75

All ServiceKeeper licenses include one year of free upgrades and support. You will be notified by email when a new version is available.

In order to choose the version suitable for your needs, you have to know how many servers or virtual machines you wish to monitor with ServiceKeeper.

Then, you organize your network monitoring according to your preferences. For instance, with ServiceKeeper 5 monitored servers, you can:

  • Install ServiceKeeper on one machine which controls 5 servers.
  • Install ServiceKeeper on 5 machines which control 1 server each.
  • Install ServiceKeeper on 1 machine which controls 3 servers and on another one which controls 2 servers.

A single user Service+ license is included with ServiceKeeper.

Note: Service+ is the administration program for ServiceKeeper.

* The "Site, Unlimited" license allows you to monitor any number of servers within a single organization in one geographical location (within a 3-kilometer radius). If you need a quote that meets specific needs (universities, hospitals, etc.) please contact us.

Enterprise Licenses for using ServiceKeeper on any number of computers worldwide are also available, please contact us.