Frequently asked questions

What happens to the original Control Panel applet which Service+ substitutes to?

It remains accessible from the control panel next to the Service+ icon.

How can I start a service with startup parameters?

Press the Shift key and the Start button at the same time.

What features does Service+ offer that are not in the Service+ Light freeware version?

Service+ allows you to terminate un-responding services, remove services and easily attach a debugger to the service processes. Also, you can edit properties on a number of services simultaneously.

Can I give away Service+ Light?

You are welcome to give any number of copies of the freeware version of Service+, put it on a download site, or on your intranet. We just require the zip file that you give remains unaltered and similar to the one you've received.

Will Service+ slow down my machine?


Is Service+ multi-threaded?

Yes, Service+ makes extensive and sophisticated use of multi-threading to achieve excellent interface response time.

How can I uninstall Service+?

Run the setup from the Service+ directory and select uninstall, If the setup file is missing, remove the file svcplus.cpl from your winntsystem32 directory and remove the Service+ directory.

Can I install Service+ on Windows 95/98/Me ?

No, Service+ is a native Windows NT application, it cannot be installed on Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Me.

Service+ supports English, French, German and Korean. Can I install Service+ with other languages?

Yes, if Service+ is installed on a different language, it will default to English.

What does Native Unicode mean?

Under Windows NT all strings are stored as Unicode strings (16 bit per character instead of 8 bit). A true Unicode application will run faster on NT because the OS is internally Unicode aware, so no conversions are needed. Also, a Unicode application can be used without any modification on Windows NT in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, etc.