What's New

ServiceKeeper v4.15.55

  • New: SMTP email notification now supports SSL and STARTTLS.

LC+ v4.4.1

  • New: Devices monitoring interface including event notification when a device is down.

ServiceMill v4.1.73

  • New: Updated the ServiceMill UI to allow support of 'Show icon in taskbar' feature when running 32 bit processes.

Service+ v4.10.72

  • Fixed: ServiceMill service started remotely in an interactive session could end up in another session.

eMill v5.16.63

  • Fixed: Random crash when sending messages using SSL/TLS SMTP connections.

LC+ v4.4.1

  • New: Social logins with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn (supported on MikroTik devices only).

eMill v5.16.63

  • Fixed: eMill Server crash under heavy receiving queues load.

MailMill COM v1.3.7

  • Fixed: Freeze if the remote SMTP server was not responding after connection.

ServiceMill Exe Builder v1.1.4

  • Added: /Silent command line parameter to disable any Windows user interface.

MailMill .NET v1.0.6

  • Fixed: Handles splitted SMTP responses correctly.
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